TruVision Reviews – Plus A Look at TruFix And TruControl

TruVision is a health and wellness company, specifically providing various supplement products. The company was founded back in 2014. TruVision proudly claims that all of their products are made from all-natural ingredients. The company makes use of a direct selling model. Hence, you will rarely see their products being sold in shops.

TruVision had an interesting history when it comes to displaying their good intentions. At one point, one ingredient was confirmed by the FDA to have an adverse effect on humans. Immediately, TruVision took out the ingredient from their products despite having to face a lot of losses.

This article is going to be a TruVision review. Thus, we are going to cover a bit of TruVision and more on their product TruFix and TruControl

TruVision – The Basics

As mentioned before, TruVision is a company that focuses on offering health and wellness products. They are big on providing products that improve the cardiovascular system, getting rid of the free radicals, and maintaining and improving joint health.

An example of their product is TruFix, which is designed to improve your blood chemistry. There’s also Tru Slumber which promotes and enhances sleep. TruVision also has a product that can help with weight loss, which is Tru Weight & Energy. One of their most popular product is the TruFix and TruControl, and we’ll cover that below.

TruFix – What You Need to Know

TruFix has an exciting claim behind it. According to the company, TruFix can help you “tone up” your blood. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s really not.

TruFix is designed to help your blood quality. This means it helps in regulating your blood sugar levels, enables you to maintain the right cholesterol levels and helps in keeping your liver healthy.

The active ingredients found in TruFix are Magnesium, Copper, Raspberry ketones, Cinnulin, Chromium, and Alpha-lipoic-acid. Let’s cover some of these ingredients below.

Active Ingredients Of TruFix

* Copper – organic copper is not commonly found in everyday meals. Copper has a lot of uses for the body from helping in the production of red blood cells to keeping your nervous system healthy. With TruFix, you’ll be able to consume the organic copper your body needs.

* Magnesium – consuming the right amount of magnesium can help the body in naturally lowering your blood pressure. It’s also known to assist in keeping the blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

* Raspberry Ketones – studies indicate that raspberry ketones can help in the fat burning process. In TruFix, it’s aimed at preventing the accumulation of fatty plaques in the walls of the arteries.

* Chromium – organic chromium in TruFix is primarily aimed at keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range.

* Cinnulin – an ingredient that is typically extracted from Cinnamon, and it comes with a plethora of benefits such as help in improving cholesterol level, glucose level, and systolic pressure. It can also help in preventing sugar level spikes.

* Alpha-Lipoic Acid – an ingredient mainly used for its potent anti-oxidant properties. In fact, a recent study in 2018 shows that some HIV patients have improved their anti-oxidant stores with the help of Alpha-Lipoic Acid.


TruControl is meant to be paired with TruFix to give yourself a potent two-punch combo against cardiovascular-related diseases. According to TruVision, TruControl can help in increasing the metabolism, lowering the blood pressure, improving the liver function and lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Active Ingredients of TruControl

* Caffeine – in TruControl, caffeine is primarily used for enhancing the results of your workout, increase the rate of metabolism and improving the natural fat-burning process.

* Green Tea Extract – a natural extract known to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

* Yohimbine – an ingredient that promotes “activeness” during the day and increases the production and function of adrenaline.

Last Thoughts

TruVision is a company that produces health supplements. Two of their most popular products are TruFix and TruControl. TruFix is a product that aims to improve your cardiovascular health as well as your blood health. TruControl may be similar to TruFix, but it incorporates weight loss benefits. If you want to lose weight and improve your overall health, the TruFix and TruControl combo are worth trying as the two complement each other, which enhances the results substantially.