Microsoft Deprecates the Paint Program : Truth or Myth?

Paint’ was a program that served to be a conjoined part of Windows but this graphic program from Microsoft is on an abscission from Microsoft now. In the recent Windows 10 Fall Creators’ update list, The Microsoft Paint program had been included in the list of those programs of Windows 10 which will either be removed completely or won’t be developed furthermore. Is the paint’ program getting killed in Next Microsoft update? Will Microsoft ditch one of the most initial programs it introduced? What is the truth in this statement? Let us reveal it for you today.

According to the statement made by Microsoft, “the Paint’ program might still be available in the application store so that those who need it may install it but there won’t be any active developments made to it furthermore. Paint 3D’ program; which was unveiled last year and which can be seen as the successor of the same Paint’ program will still be available if this removal takes place”.

Paint was one of the programs which were introduced in the very first version of Windows, called Windows 1.0. People had become so habitual of using this application that they could never think of Microsoft deprecating it.

Since the time of its release in 1985, paint program served to be something which was inextricable from our systems. It was simple to be used and easy to be learnt. Most of us had spent time making drawings on it in the computer labs of our schools during our childhood. The news with the headline Paint deprecated’ had made the users of this program think that 2017 had finally bought weather when this old leaf of the Microsoft’ tree was appearing to wither.

Soon after the revealing of this news, people started expressing their grief and disappointment on the social media. Many people made tweets and status updates with RIP Paint’ messages.

People like Welsh YouTuber Chaotic had described this program as the greatest thing to have ever existed. The other people were also making similar kind of remarks. It is but obvious that the Paint program’ had become an inseparable part of our lives. Some were using it to edit their pictures; the others were using it to create artworks.

In my view, people have misinterpreted this news by Microsoft. Microsoft has not officially removed the Paint’ program by now. It still exists and is still available for use. The application market is all based on public demands and even Microsoft knows how valuable this application is.

A ray of hope is in the statement that the application will still be available for downloads in the application market but people are talking as if Microsoft has abnegated this program.

Though earlier Microsoft had said that it is thinking of ditching the paint’ program but now Microsoft says that it is not killing the Paint’ program from its next update. The application will still be available for downloads free of cost from the application market.

So the fans of Microsoft Paint program should not lose hope at all. The star of their eyes is still not departing them. This potential death of paint can thus be explained as a new way of transforming windows where users can download the program if they need it.