Control Your Home Electronics With the Best Universal Remotes

Having multiple devices in your home might call for a similar number of remote controls. It is therefore necessary to have the best universal remote control that is compatible most of your devices. The features on the remote choice is determined by the devices you want to control. There is no need of buying a sophisticated remote for TV, Cable box, Stereo System or gaming console however if you want to control various devices in different rooms or home automation devices i.e lights, thermostats, you will need a high end remote device. You don’t have to worry on which best suits you as we provide the best options for you.

1. Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote:

Logitech Harmony Elite is the best remote currently in market. It has a widest range of support devices (270,000). It is elegant with a color touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature enables it control devices in a whole apartment. It also comes handy with a mobile app that turns your smartphone into a remote. From TV, Cable box, gaming console, AV receiver, media players to lights, locks, thermostats. It has two very special and fantastic features; “good morning” in one tap, this feature wakes up the devices; open locks, TV lights, air conditioners etc, “good night” contra singly switches off all the operating devices. Its budget is low comparing to the devices it can control. It comfortably works with your whole universe.

2. Logitech Harmony Companion Universal Remot:

2. Logitech Harmony Companion Universal Remot:Harmony companion shares the glory of Harmony Elite at just half price, however, it lacks a touch screens. All is not gone as it has a downloadable app which it greatly relies on. It has a streamlined button layout and full number pad which inters witches between content and devices. Powered by 2AA batteries spices up as it has minimal power requirements. Its devices compatibility is large too (270,000 devices), relying on the app you can comfortably control all these.

3. Logitech Harmony One:

This remote has very special features, ease of use and design. It has a support capability of 225,00 devices, that it can control in different rooms. It comes with a support disk to run with computer and just to mention a USB connectivity. It is able to read a code from another old remote incase a device is not supported and later connect with the device. It has a sleek design with an LCD screen that one can even customize its wallpaper from uploaded photos. It has slightly higher price than Harmony Companion but has added features such as touch screen. It also lacks Radio Frequency capability but has Infrared Technology that works best still.

4. Logitech Harmony 700:

Harmony 700 supports over 250,000 devices from over 5,000 brands. This remote has one touch activity buttons that turns all the right devices for instant access. Its rechargeable battery keeps the remote charged the battery for more than a week, no budget for batteries and replacements. This remote also has a back light that improves visibility in dim light. It also allows you to customize up to 24 favorite channels.

5. logitech Harmony 650:

Logitech Harmony 650 has maintained the bestselling remote on Amazon for a reasonable duration.It has a friendly price and is compatible with over 225,000 devices.It is easy to operate with a color display.At its price it is the best to make your home a smart home.It supports up to eight devices which is not bad for many users.It is further the winner of Universal remote beauty due to its elegant design.

6. Savant Universal Remote +Host:

Savant has among the best home automation features.It is compatible with more the 380,000 devices.Its home friendly as It has special with personalization support for different people and even priotize on differnt channels that each person watches.It has host that acts as a connectivity hub improving its connection.It has a voice command feature making it more simpler to operate.The remote has a distinct design with soft touch back buttons.Its operation is much easy as it is equipped with a downloadable app.

7. RCA Universal Remote 4: 

If you are looking for a best universal remote at a cheaper price, consider this one from RCA.It doesn’t have design sophistication but has a strong ability to connect with up to eight devices. It has green backlit keys and special keys for advanced cable, Blue-ray and satellite. It is 11 inches long giving enough space between buttons for easy operation.

GE Universal Remote

This is another cheap universal remote.ith a capability of controling up to 8 device configuration.Its budget gives it a high rating alongside its easy setup.Its compatibility with major electronics brands is an advantage against competing remotes at similar price.It comes with 2AA batteries.It lacks back light however has colored ABCD buttons for easy menu navigations.